Interview tips

Job Interviews can be an informative and fulfilling experience if you prepare yourself prior to attending an interview. Here are some tips to assist you:



Find out as much as you can about the company by accessing Annual Reports, Newspapers etc. Your efforts will show during the interview and you will be viewed as pro-active and hardworking.


Know your strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments. The job interview is not a time to improvise on the spur of the moment!


Check with your contact as to the Employer’s dress code or if unsure; always dress in corporate attire.


Research in advance the destination and travel times to ensure you arrive on time to the appointment. Allow yourself a 30 minute buffer in case of hold ups with transport.


First impressions will dramatically affect the ultimate evaluation of you as a candidate. Turn off your mobile phone! Ensure you smile, be enthusiastic, give a firm handshake, appear friendly and self-confident, meet your contact by using their name. Do not have gym bags, dry-cleaning or coffee cups with you if you can avoid it.


Prepare yourself with answers to typical interview questions such as “tell me about yourself?”, “why are you looking for a new position?”, “where do you see yourself in your next position”, “where do you see yourself in 3-5 years’ time?” etc. Your positive and considered responses will reflect well with your interviewer.


Remain positive in your responses and keep them succinct and concise – do not ‘waffle’. Provide specific examples of your achievements and remain attentive throughout the interview whilst maintaining eye contact. Ask probing and relevant questions that demonstrate your analytical skills and assertiveness. Be positive about your co-workers and past employment as negativity no matter how well founded will imply a negative attitude.


Establish your objective before the interview and ask this during the interview such as “do you think my skills match your requirements?” After the interview state that you are interested in the role and ensure you demonstrate this throughout the interview. Ask what the next step in the process will be to reiterate your interest in moving forward.

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